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East Texas Landscaping

East Texas offers a unique outdoors experience, and the perfect Tyler, TX landscaping design can help you make the most of your personal outdoors.

East Texas Landscaping - Shrubs

East Texas Landscaping - Texas Sage

Please consider blending shrubs and annuals that are natural to East Texas into your landscaping plans. They will be easier to care for and will richly compliment your personal outdoors. Texas Sage, Smoke Tree and Red Yucca are all good picks.

East Texas Landscaping - Annuals

East Texas Landscaping - Zinnia

Tyler TX Landscaping is legendary for Azaleas and Roses. But don’t neglect natural annual beauties. Zinnia blooms in bold red orange and yellow flavors, Poppy has a beuatiful red color and Snapdragon adds a graceful variety of pastels to your flowerbed. We will be happy to give you a personalized design for your flowerbed.

East Texas Landscaping - Fencing

East Texas Landscaping - fencing

Another major landscaping feature is your fence. East Texas Lawn Care and Landscaping has been building Tyler, TX fencing for years. East Texas Lawn Care and Landscaping will help you to carefully consider your fence design and how to keep your yard beautiful, private and secure. Please contact us right away for a free esitimate.

East Texas Landscaping - Decking

East Texas Landscaping - decking

We’ve received much praise for the decking we’ve built in East Texas. A properly constructed deck can last decades and add a valuable feature to your home that will pay dividends. Do not hesitate to contact our East Texas Landscaping team for a competitive quote on a superior quality deck.

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  1. Beverly Williams posted on March 11, 2009:

    I am a landscape designer with over 10 years of experience. I am relocating to the Tyler area and would be interested in working with your company doing landscape design. My designs are hand drawn to 1/8″ = 1′ scale.
    I am looking forward to working with your company to enhance your customer experience and provide them with evironmentally friendly landscapes.

    Beverly Williams

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